Rattlers Soccer get first wins of the Season

Rattlers men's soccer match on Sept. 7 at Medicine Hat College.

Women's Soccer vs Red Deer Queens

The Medicine Hat College Rattlers kicked off their season at home, taking on the Red Deer College Queens. The match got started amidst a sideline spectacle put on for the hometown fans. A Drumline assisted a Local artist in a great rendition of O Canada. The Game started with the Queens applying pressure on the Rattlers early. Although the majority of the play was in the Rattlers end, they generated the first quality scoring chance of the day. Former Volleyball player Mckenzie Griffith ripped a shot from the top of the 18 yard box and found iron, ringing it off the crossbar. The Queens responded with a few through balls and long runs getting past the Rattlers defensive line. The Rattlers Keeper Amanda Oevering stood out early, making 3 spectacular saves in the first 15 minutes. At exactly 17 minutes into the game Potential disaster struck. Queens forward Bailey Richarde Ran over the Rattlers Goaltender as she was playing the ball. After taking a minute she was able to stay in the game. The Rattlers seemed to wake up a bit after this, taking the play to Red Deer's end of the field. As the game settled in to the middle of the half, the game started to even out, with more play happening in the midfield. Both teams traded opportunities but the home side seemed to have a few more quality scoring chances. The best of which came off a free kick from 30 yards out. A great strike from Shelby Bach was tough for the Red Deer Keeper to handle. This created a scramble out front, but Red deer was able to clear the ball and maintain the scoreless tie. This continued into half and the teams remained deadlocked at 0.

The second Half started much like the first, with the Queens taking control early. They were easily able to convert this pressure scoring in the 51st minute from forward Alisha Coules. The Rattlers came right back with a great opportunity, unfortunately offside. The teams settled in again as both teams were keeping the pace up and pressing. The Queens broke through again with a second marker from Alisha Coules taking a 2-0 lead with only 20 minutes left to play. Both teams continued to push with Rattlers Dual athlete Grace Porter unable to convert 2 golden opportunities. Red Deer again took advantage and was able to extend their lead to 3 off a hat trick goal from Coules. The Queens struck again fast and extended again to 4 off the foot of Mikayla Fujimoto. The Rattlers Goalie Oevering, did not have the same spunk as she did in the first half. Possibly from the collision earlier in the game. The Red Deer side had a more organized attack and were able to control most of the possession. The only Black mark on the Queens was a late injury with almost no time on the clock. The Queens ran out the time and were able to take a 4-0 victory against the host Rattlers.

Both Teams battled hard and struggled at the end of the game from the Southern Alberta Heat. The exhaustion was evident at the end of the game and both teams looked relieved to hear the final whistle.

The ACAC Players of the Game were Alisha Coules for RDC and Jadyn Fode for the Rattlers.

Men's Soccer vs Red Deer Kings

The Medicine Hat College Rattlers Opened their Season at home amidst a ton of Fanfare with the introduction the The Rattlers Drumline. The Red Deer College Kings were in town to take on the new look Rattlers squad. The First Year Coach Robert Cavicchia hoped to open up the season with a win. The Game started with play back and forth in the midfield. The First scoring chance of the game came for the Kings off a free Kick from 30 yards out. The Rattlers came right back down the field with a chance of their own the game settled down, and both teams started the back and forth game. Although both teams tried to play a possession game in the midfield they looked to take advantage of the speed each team possessed on offence. Neither team seemed able to gain a clear advantage with opportunities coming on both ends of the pitch. The teams still seemed to trade chances as the half started to come to a close. The kings were able to hem the Rattlers in their own end for almost 5 minutes late in the Half. The Kings seemed unable to convert the pressure into any real scoring chances. The half ended with the teams tied at nil.

The second Half started much like the first. The Rattlers only seemed to be able to generate their chances on counter attacks. The Rattlers started to press harder and were able to draw 2 yellow cards on the Kings, Kristofer Grobmeier. Down a man, the Kings continued to still press offensively. They were able to drive the ball deep in the Rattlers zone. They were unable to maintain pressure deep in the Rattlers end. The Rattlers defensive line was simply too good keeping the Kings forwards at bay. The Rattlers continued to try to send their offence on through balls, but kept getting frustrated by the goaltender and defense. Both teams seemed to struggle converting any chances and the game was being dictated through both teams back line. The teams remained deadlocked entering the 80th minute of play, a scoreless sheet. Although the game was scoreless there was tons of action of the scoresheet. Red Deer received 3 yellow cards and Medicine Hat 2 all in the second half. The Rattlers started to press hard in the final 5 minutes, creating 4 great scoring chances off the foot of Abdou Raouf Mohamed. Unable to convert the scores remained at zeros. This continued into the end of the game as the Rattlers and Kings split a scoreless draw.

The ACAC Players of the game were Pedro Humberto Mourao Neto for RDC and standout Goalkeeper Joao Vitor Duz Batista.  

Women's Soccer vs University of Alberta- Augustana Vikings

The Medicine Hat Rattlers welcomed the Augustana Vikings who were both playing the second game in as many days. A Banged up Rattlers squad saw Starting goalie Amanda Oevering on the bench to start the game, suffering from a head injury the night before. A few Rattlers starters had some bumps and bruises from the game before. The Game started with the Vikings dictating the play and moved the ball up into the Rattlers end. The Rattlers made a huge team save on an open net opportunity. Both Dakota Adby and Kaylei Hole came up with huge saves and kept the score sheet blank. The Rattlers seemed to create all their opportunities on the counter attack. The quick counter punch from the Rattlers seemed to be their best opportunity to create scoring chances. Augustana Vikings seemed to employ a slower methodical approach to their offense. The Vikings forward Kara Strange continued to push the Medicine Hat back line. As the game settled in to the later minutes of the half, the teams looked much more even as the ball spent more time back and forth rather than deep in one end. As the half ended the teams remained deadlocked at 0.

The second half started with some early pressure from the Vikings forwards. All the shots came from outside and were handled easy by the Rattlers Keeper. The Rattlers started to pressure the passes and the ball much better as the half moved past 10-12 minutes. The Rattlers were able to generate some more pressure in the Augustana but were unable to convert this pressure to scoring chances. As the half moved past the midway point, the Rattlers started to look tired and were unable to generate much offence as earlier. With 10 minutes left in the game, the Rattlers earned a trip to the penalty spot on a good drive. Jadyn Fode converted on the chance and gave the home side a small lead. The Vikings started to push hard to get the equalizer. The Rattlers Atlanta Evis earned a yellow card on a hard challenge from behind. The Vikings used this and generated a free kick just outside the box. Missing high and wide the Rattlers were able to hold their one goal lead in to the last minute of regulation. Augustana continued to apply pressure, with the Rattlers failing to clear the game entered injury time and the Vikings had one last really good chance on a corner firing the ball over the net. The Rattlers held on and were able to hold on to their first win of the season.

The ACAC Players of the game were Abby Gisi for Augustana and Goaltender Dakota Adby for the Rattlers.

Men's Soccer vs University of Alberta- Augustana Vikings

The Medicine Hat College Rattlers played host to their second game in as many days this time against the Augustana Vikings. The Rattlers got off to a very hot start generating chances early and often. The Rattlers were able to convert one of these early scoring 5 minutes in off the foot of Raouf Mohamed. Just 3 minutes later he scored again increasing the lead to 2. The Rattlers continued their offensive onslaught. The Rattlers forwards had too much speed for the Vikings back line. They continually were burning Augustana on through balls and diagonal slashing runs. This pressure resulted in yet another goal, this one coming off a corner kick with Colton Pacheco finishing off a scramble in front of the goal. With the Rattlers up big, the game started to get a bit rougher with more and harder fouls. The Rattlers again were able to capitalize with Raouf Mohamed Scoring his hat trick goal. As the Rattlers Continued to press, Colton Pacheco scored again twice in the last 8 minutes to further push the Rattlers lead to 6. The half came to a close with the home side up big.

The second half started much like the first with the Rattlers able to control the game on the scoreboard. Even with multiple subs in from both sides. The pace of the game was still up and the home side still able to control the bulk of the play. The Rattlers struck again early in the second half with Raouf Mohamed scoring his 4th goal of the game. The Rattlers started to cruise and burn time just controlling the ball in the midfield and defense. The Vikings were able to generate one good chance that was shut down quickly by the Rattlers goalie Devon Simon. The Rattlers continued to press forward on occasion sending the strikers on runs on through balls. The Rattlers struck again with Colton Pacheco matching his teammate with 4 in the 82nd minute. A Comfortable 8-0 lead meant the Rattlers could simply cruise, but they did not. Raouf Mohamed was not satisfied with his tie with Colton, and potted his 5th goal of the match. The Game came to a merciful end with the Rattlers taking their first win of the season 9-0

The ACAC Players of the game were Johnny Johnson for Augustana and 5 goal scorer Raouf Mohamed for the Medicine Hat College Rattlers.